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SimplyFire - Trusted Commercial Fire Protection Specialists, offering Fire Protection Services from Auckland to Waikato

SimplyFire undertakes the installation of Passive fire Protection, Electronic Fire Alarm Installations and provides Fire Fighting Equipment.

The team also offers fire compliance services to test and service your alarm systems on a monthly basis – giving customers across Auckland and Waikato peace of mind, and ensuring that all equipment complies with a building’s warrant of fitness.

 All of our staff are supplier trained, with a focus on understanding the products and any changes regarding legislation and building codes. We have IQP (independently qualified person) status with local authorities to inspect your fire-protection systems for legal compliance.

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What is Passive Fire Protection and why add it to your fire services??

Passive Fire Protection is the installation of approved products for sealing any penetrations through fire cells which compromise the integrity or fire rating of wall or floor etc.

These items are generally are Pipework, Electrical Cabling, Ducting etc.

By attempting to contain a fire at its source, SimplyFire can reduce the risk and damage to both people and properties. We can carry out a passive fire building survey of your site and advise on the right products to protect your premises. 

A fire separation is defined in the building code as any building element which separates firecells, or firecells and safe paths, and provides a specific fire resistance rating.

Make SimplyFire your company of choice for passive fire protection services in the Auckland and Waikato regions.

Electronic Fire Alarms installation in Auckland and Waikato

Most commercial/Industrial premises have an evacuation system of in place. These systems can range from a strategically placed manual horn to a Fully Sprinklered and alarmed automatic fire alarm system.

SimplyFire installs, maintains and tests electronic fire alarm systems, ensuring that people and property are safe in an emergency.

Fire Fighting Equipment to back up fire protection services

SimplyFire can provide and install fire fighting equipment in your Auckland or Waikato building, including CO2 fire extinguisher systems and fire blankets. 

All Products are Certified by SAI Global or Global Mark. When you see the Standards Mark you know that the products have met the rigorous requirements of domestic and international quality and safety standards.

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