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SimplyFire Electronic Fire Alarms Installation

Most commercial/Industrial premises have an Evacuation system of sorts in place. These systems can range from a strategically placed manual horn to a fully sprinklered and alarmed system.

When you need an automatic fire alarm installation in the Auckland or Waikato regions, SimplyFire will installs, maintains and tests your Electronic Fire Alarm Systems, ensuring that your premises is safe and compliant.
Types of alarms required can differ according to building use. The Simply Fire team work hard to ensure that all our work is of a high standard, and is compliant with all regulations.

Alarm requirements are normally referred to in the Fire Report, and consist of the following:
Type 2   Manual fire alarm systems
Type 3   Automatic fire alarm system activated by Heat Detectors and Manual call points
Type 4   Automatic fire alarm system activated by Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors and Manual call points
Type 5   Automatic fire alarm system with modified smoke detection, heat detection and manual call points

The systems that SimplyFire utilises are connected to a Fire Alarm Control Panel. These panels, which can be singular or multi zone panels, are connected to 230 volt supply and also have battery backup. These systems can also be connected to NZ Fire Service and we also supply supporting fire protection equipment like fire extinguishers and blankets.

Activation of devices connected to these fire alarm panels (Type 5 will differ for Apartment Smoke detectors) will cause Evacuation sounders to operate throughout the building. Most systems installed after 2003 will have a voice message informing tenants to evacuate.

At SimplyFire, we pride ourselves in knowing the latest information regarding building codes and our products. The team undertake regular training with the systems, as well as with new products entering the market. All installations are inspected on completion by an accredited third party and certificate and PS3 issued to clients.

SimplyFire also undertakes the monthly testing and servicing of Fire Alarm systems which is a requirement for building compliance. So choose the best among fire alarm system companies - we work on all kinds of commercial buildings throughout Waikato and Auckland region. Contact us to check or install your fire protection system today.

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